Life is what we make it !
God, our Father is rich . . .
And yet we continue to live in poverty !
We were given a beautiful planet to be our home . . .
And yet we continue to destroy it
We were gifted with the bounty of nature . . .
And we have polluted our Earth with plastic and chemicals
And Mother Nature is sick and dying before our eyes.


That everyone giving the little handful will create a feast !
That a drop of water put together can create a lake !
And what is really needed is for each one to give a little of itself
And our MOTHER NATURE can be healed again .

And in Daila Farms, we try

. . . . to make a difference.

. . . . to be a showcase of a different lifestyle of living

. . . . to create a universal family
teaching skills
teaching values
teaching love, understanding and unity

Welcome to the haven THAT IS DAILA FARMS . . .

What We Got

A space for welcome to a new lifestyle,

Restored, recycled, reused technologies

Appreciation for nature and the basics of life and living

An experience for reflection and restoration of bliss . . .

Bamboo House

Bamboo, a natural material used for native bahay kubo, can be used for bigger Structures as demonstrated in our Bamboo House. Even branches, usually thrown away are designed into a lacework for windows and balconies. Inside, a chandelier made of bottles graces the second-floor hall. The floors and the walls, the tables and chairs are second hand pallets used for crates.

Gracias Café
  • Gracia’s Café. Coffee, Tea and healthy drinks and farm to table foods. Menu changes daily depending on the best ingredients available in the market.
St. Francis Seminar Hall
  • For groups of up to 30 people. For Meetings, Workshops, Study Hall, Yoga , Seminars and other group indoor activities.


MUD HUTS for overnights or longer stays. Can be used while reviewing for board exams, vacationing for wellness, quiet times, writing books, paintings etc. Mud houses are cool during hot season and warm during cold seasons. Experience being one with nature in a safe and healthy environment.

Seminar Hall
  • For groups of 30 to 40 people. For Meetings, Workshops,Study Hall, Yoga Lessons etc. and other group indoor activities.
  • Price for use of Seminar Hall – depends on equipment and paraphernalia that will be used. Can be free too depending on number of participants with a Packaged Booking.

ULOG (Mountain Huts)

For overnight accommodation, one Ulog can comfortably house 5 people and can be rented either for individual or for a group. Great time for aloneness and reflection or for group bonding.

Blue House

A home for medicinal and exotic plant garden and Alternative healing modalities.


An activity center - a place for bonfires or as a gathering place for full moon meditation, drumming circles, empowering rituals and artists’ expressions. Can also serve as a venue for parties and gatherings. Can come free with a group package booking or can be rented just for the night. Glampers in the Camping area can use the Dap-ay as a story telling or meeting venue.

Sir Milton’s Perma-Agriculture

A showcase of organic agriculture at its best. Practical gardening for those with passion for plants and veggies. An area for animal farms and animal feeds. Great showcase for agriculture related seminar and workshops and an area best for student’s hands-on experience during fieldtrip workshop. Showcase for technology on urban gardening.

Green Pavillion

Bottles for walls with intertwining vines weaving around it the Green Pavillion is an open air activity center for meetings, workshops, lectures etc. Restaurant or dining place for events, workshops etc.

SANCTE MARIE: The Yellow House

Made of mud and bottles and everything recycled, re-used and re-purpose, The Yellow house is a work of love and patience. Set on a hill that overlooks the whole farm and caiches the Sunrise and the Sunset. Sancte Marie has its Sanctum – a place for meditation and rituals for connecting to nature,

Be it in dance, movements or plain silencing.


  1. Dream Workshop
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Movement and Spiritual Growth
  5. Hilot Training
  6. Mudhouse Making
  7. Hilot Training
  8. Natural Farming
  9. Urban Gardening
  10. Children's Playshop
    • Kitemaking and kite flying
    • Eco-Brick Making
    • Vertical Farming
    • Water Color Painting
    • Kali – the Filipino Martial Arts
    • Folk Dancing – Tinikling


Herbal and medicinal plants, Domes for HILOT, SUOB and BANYOS for family.



Let them speak for us!

Some impressions from our customers!

  • Daila is a place where I enjoy a peaceful time with nature; fresh air, the sound of bamboo chimes playing with the wind, and the view of the farm are what I like the most! I should say, this is a perfect place to unwind, recharge, and appreciate nature. I highly recommend this place, especially for families and groups!
  • The place is wonderful. It is peaceful and relaxing. The kind of place where every Manilenyo will desire to stay and chill in. The host responds quickly, and they have a very accommodating, Nice and Joyful people. We had a great time.